Amazon is selling dog ‘muzzles’ that look like human faces

People tend to have a very straightforward opinion on the use of muzzles. Some people love them but others hate them. At times, however, they may be necessary for aggressive dogs or those that won’t stop barking but the problem is, they tend to look intimidating.

The muzzles cover the dog’s snout and when we see a dog wearing one, our heart typically goes out to the animal. There is now a solution to the problem. You can buy muzzles for your dog on Amazon that look like human faces and it is changing everything.

If you’re tired of people recoiling when they see your dog in a muzzle, this is sure to get them smiling.

The muzzles are on sale for $10.99 each on Not only do they look hilarious, but they are also built for comfort and safety. Although the dog’s snout is being restricted to a certain extent, they are able to keep their mouth partially open so they can breathe easily.

One reviewer said: “This was fun! Worth every penny with all the laughs!!”

You can buy a number of different expressions that include a pouting face, grimaces and big smiles. Just choose the one that is right for your dog’s personality.

One of the muzzles even makes it look like your dog is enjoying a cigar.

It’s a funny solution to a problem that many dog owners face.

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