Amy Schumer responds to fans that criticized her for wearing hospital underwear in public

Amy Schumer is an actress and a comedian. She is also a mother, who recently gave birth to Gene Attell, her first child. If you know anything about Amy, she loves to keep things real and she didn’t disappoint, now that she has a child. She shared a picture of herself, taking the baby for a walk 5 weeks later and she is still wearing hospital underwear.

If you have ever worn hospital underwear before, you know that they are built for comfort. After giving birth to a human baby, comfort is exactly what we need.

The 38-year-old mother said: “5 weeks. Hospital underwear for life!”

Many mothers were happy with how she was keeping it real about pospartum life and parenting.

She has used humor to deal with changes taking place to her body while she was pregnant, so we aren’t surprised that she would do it now, after the birth. Check out this Instagram of her showing off her pregnant body.

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