Amazon Is Selling A Christmas Lights Phone Charger So You Can Celebrate All Year Long

Every time December 25 is getting close, it seems as if new and amusing Christmas gear becomes available. One option that is available this year is a phone charger that looks like a string of Christmas lights.

Amazon is carrying the gadget for iPhone models 5-8. It is a USB plug that includes 10 multicolored string LED lights. You’ve probably seen something similar at Kohl’s and Target but this one is 46 inches long and you can simply add it to the cart when you are already shopping on Amazon.

These have really become a popular item online.

It’s just as good as owning your own Christmas light show 24 hours a day. You can leave it at home to charge your phone or you can take it to work or even on the road. You might even enjoy setting up a charging station under the tree.

Since they only cost about $16 if you are a prime member, you can get some as gifts and stuff them in stockings. Don’t limit yourself to only using these items in December. You can keep them running all year long to remind yourself that Christmas will soon only be 364 days away.

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