Mom’s Long List Of Demands For A Babysitter Are So Crazy That She Is Being Mom-Shamed

When you have the right babysitter available to you, it can really be a life-changing event. That being said, it is also difficult to find the right babysitter who will fill that need perfectly.

One mother decided to post an ad on Facebook and her list of requirements for a babysitter include being a having “no traffic tickets” and even being “willing to pay for some snacks.”

This ad for a babysitter was reported to have been posted on Facebook originally. They wanted to find a sitter for their three children, who are five and three years old and the baby.

It was eventually shared on Reddit and included the headline, “Delusional Babysitter Requirements”. This ad is really getting people up in arms.

Within 24 hours of it being posted, it had over 1000 comments.

The first requirement for the babysitter was that they should have a bachelors degree in child care or nine years of relevant babysitting experience.

Included in the list of 14 requirements, the babysitter would be considered if they have “no tattoos”, did not drink alcohol and had no “sketchy social media behaviour and/or public pictures.”

They would also have to be comfortable with the 2 pit bulls that lived at the home.

They wanted the babysitter to speak a second language so they can teach the children, be available at any time, including the weekends and they needed to have their own car and license.

In other words, they would have to do anything that was necessary to fulfill the role.

Interestingly, they also suggested that the babysitter did not have problems with the law. They then go on to suggest that the babysitter evade taxes, which is probably why they felt comfortable offering such a low price.

Even though they would be offering services that were above and beyond what a babysitter should offer, they were only going to be paid $10 per hour.

It wasn’t long before the comments started racking up, including the following:

One wrote: “9 years experience is very specific!!

“Also, would be worried about someone who had the degree and/or experience but was still willing to graft for $10 an hour.”

Another added: “It REALLY sweetens the deal of looking after and feeding 3 young children and 2 dogs all day every day for $2 – sorry, $3!! – per mammal, per hour, doesn’t it ;)”

And one said: “I see you only have 8 years babysitting experience? NEXT!”

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