America’s Most Scenic Train Ride Costs Just $97 Dollars

There are a lot of different ways to travel but sometimes, it’s not about getting from here to there but it’s about enjoying the trip along the way. That is why many people take the train trip from Los Angeles to Seattle, on the Coast Starlight train. It is the ideal combination of luxury and spectacular views.

If it wasn’t enough that you are taking in some of the most beautiful areas that the United States has to offer, Amtrak sweetens the deal by offering a price ticket of only $122. In fact, if you look hard enough, you may even be able to find a $97 trip on this 35-hour train ride.

If a 35-hour ride on a train seems like too much, you can try an even shorter and less expensive route.

Perhaps the most popular part about this scenic train ride is the view. You’ll want to make sure you take a lot of pictures along the way. When taking the Coast Starlight train trip, you will be traveling through the forest of coastal California, Oregon, and Washington. Along the way, you will enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean on one side and the mountains and foothills on the other side.

This train runs every day and it passes through the bay area, Santa Barbara and a number of other notable cities along the West Coast. As you are traveling along the train tracks, you will be able to spot snow-covered mountain peaks, including Mount Shasta. You will also enjoy the rolling valleys of California and the never-ending Pacific coastline.

One rider had the following to say about the coastal train trip:

“I just took the Coast Starlight last month, from LA to Seattle. It was a beautiful trip, especially the beach side track from Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo and the Paso Robles pass in the mist.”

– Judi Romaine via Amtrak’s Facebook page

As you are traveling along the Pacific shoreline, the mist can get thick at times. This helps to add to the beauty and magic of the scenery around you.

Another user on Facebook commented about how much they enjoyed the trip.

“Took the Coast Starlight last week from LA to Seattle. One of the best trips that I have ever done, my wife and I loved it. We were on a trip around the west from Pittsburgh, Pa to La up to Seattle and back home. Bucket list item done but I think that we will redo this one-it was great.”

-Ken Martin via Amtrak’s Facebook page

When you’re inside the train, you will find plenty of luxury. It includes dining cars, Superliner sleeping cars, lounge cars for sightseers, and large, comfortable coach seats with plenty of legroom. Of course, you also have free Wi-Fi available as well.

One Facebook user has the following suggestion for anyone taking this train:

“This is always my favorite link when I hit the rails for a run around the country. Prefer to go up to Seattle, rather than down for the timing of the coastal views. Book a sleeper and you will have access to the Pacific Parlor Car which is the only parlor car (that I know of) on Amtrak. Highly recommended.”

-Robert Sanders via Amtrak’s Facebook page

If you want to take this trip, there’s no reason for you to leave Fido at home. If you are on a part of the journey that is less than seven hours, you may be able to bring a small dog along with you for the ride. Just make sure that you check in advance before bringing them on board.

Enjoy your adventures!

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