Meteorologists Are Predicting A Return For El Niño This Winter

Daily we live our lives around the weather and the conditions associated with the weather. We plan events, sports and even our weddings around the daily forecasts.

But what happens when there are major changes in weather predictions that last beyond a week?

Presently meteorologists are concerned with El Nino (La Nina’s brother) weather patterns. Both are part of a pattern called ENSO, El Niño-Southern Oscillation, which influences global weather.

El Niño and La Niña cause changes to sea surface temperatures of the Pacific Ocean. Especially near the Equator.

Scientists say there’s a 70% chance that we’ll see El Niño conditions by winter of this year.

Here’s how this could affect your area:

– Southeast Asia and Australia – warmer temperatures accompanied by dry conditions in some parts
– California and southwestern US – wetter weather with constant rainfall
– Southern US – colder temperatures though this could vary
– Midwest US – drier than usual
– South America (Pacific coast) – wet
– Canada – warmer winter temperatures

These are the “predicted” effects of El Niño but there are other factors that may cause the forecast to change.

El Niño can also trigger events like droughts, hurricanes, floods, or dangerous winter storms.

Click below for an in-depth explanation of these “sibling’s weather pattern. Remember to pay close attention to the report for the weather predicted for your area so you can be prepared.

What is the worst weather you’ve lived through?  Are you one of those people that really don’t give much of a care about the weather (it’s going to happen, nothing you can do about it!)

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