Teacher Under Investigation After Allowing Her Students To Only Use The Bathroom Twice A Month

Today’s teachers have so many struggles just to teach our kids.  People think their job is a cake walk and they get paid the big bucks.  But that isn’t the case, a lot of the teachers I work with using their own money to buy supplies for their students, work at home and on the weekends.  One struggle is when students leave to use the bathroom, nurse, to get a drink.  This disruption to the teaching also leads to “monkey see monkey do” behaviors which allow for less “teaching” time.

To combat this, many schools issue rules regarding hall passes. For example, my kids have a hall pass they carry with them so that each teacher can see if they are “abusing” the pass.  Now a teacher is under investigation for a rather severe hall pass policy she delivered to her class.

The teacher, identified as Mrs. White at Aspire Hanley Middle School, wrote in the policy that the students would only be able to use the pass twice a month during her class time. This included classes as well as lunch.  Not only did the hall pass limit students from using the bathroom, it also included their ability to go to the nurse, or get a drink of water.

Parents were outraged!  One mother shared the “contract” on social media and decided to speak to administration.  The school claims they had no idea this policy was being implemented. The school district’s Superintendent, Dr. Nickalous Manning, said in a statement:

“Today we were notified that one of our teachers at Aspire Hanley Middle School allegedly issued an agreement between students and the teacher around permission for restricted bathroom, water and nurse visit privileges. Our staff is currently investigating the claim at this time. We want our scholars and parents to know that our focus will always be on the wellbeing of our scholars and we take every allegation seriously.”

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