Man Wakes Up To Find His Dog Suddenly Has A New Smile

This Shih Tzu-Chihuahua mix has more personality than the average dog and she was sure to let the world know just how funny she is. Maggie is a hilarious dog and the idea that she recently came up with will have you rolling with laughter. This animal cannot hide her excitement and when she is happy, the whole world is well aware of that fact.

On one day in particular, her happiness showed even more than it usually does. Maggie resides on Long Island with her loving owners. Eunice and her dad are more than happy to take care of her. Her wonderful personality makes her a top notch addition to any home and her family loves her very much. Just take a closer look at that face. How could you not adore her?

Maggie does have a mischievous side. She likes to run her mouth and she is also the type who likes to pull pranks. Eunice found out firsthand just how silly Maggie can be when her father was taking a nap. Her father wears dentures and he took them out while he was sleeping because they happened to be bothering him that day. Maggie decided to spring into action.

Once Eunice’s father woke up from his nap, he realized that his dentures were nowhere to be found. Initially, he assumed that he must have left them in the bathroom. A search of the premises turned up no sign of the dentures. It was at this time that they realized what Maggie had done. The pup had ran off with the teeth and put them in her own mouth!

How can you not fall over laughing at the sight of this dog wearing dentures? Eunice’s father took a picture of the silly dog and once she received it, she was in literal tears. We would also laugh pretty hard if we were in her position. The look on Maggie’s face definitely says it all, though. She is incredibly pleased with her own actions.

The self satisfied dog is clowning her way into our hearts and you should definitely share this hilarious story with your closest friends and loved ones. Even those who wear dentures will be sure to appreciate Maggie’s antics. For this dad, nap time is never going to be the same again. He had better choose a different hiding place for those dentures!

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