Loyal Dog Gets Dumped At Shelter Because His Family’s Having A Baby

Rocco thought that he had hit the jackpot. He was staying at a loving forever home and had a family who cared about him. However, they had a baby and decided that they could not afford to keep him anymore. Once the child was ready to arrive, they elected to bring him to a shelter and dump him off. The look on his face as he sat in the kennel says it all, doesn’t it?

Poor Rocco did not know why he had been left at this shelter and he was totally unaware of what was going to happen next. No dog deserves to experience this type of feeling but families regularly make the mistake of abandoning animals like these. Dallas Animal Services was now Rocco’s new home, whether he liked it or not. When a visitor came to realize just how gentle Rocco was, she wanted to help him.

She took a photo of the dog and posted it online. Her hope was that someone would see it and decide that they want to adopt him. Preethi has served as a foster parent for dogs in need in the past. She works with DFW German Shepherd Rescue and decided to assist Rocco. At first, Preethi was surprised by the condition that the dog was in.

Rocco was clearly not eating on a regular basis. She chalked it up to his family situation. At first, he was very timid and afraid. When Preethi first brought him home, she estimated that he was roughly 30 pounds underweight. While he remained ambulatory and ate some food, he did not seem to know where he was. Rocco was clearly worried that he would be taken somewhere else soon enough.

Preethi has a German shepherd of her own and thanks to their combined efforts, Rocco slowly started to come out of his shell. As time goes on, he is becoming more and more outgoing. According to Preethi, the dog has gone from behaving in an aloof manner to becoming her eternal shadow. It is clear to see that Rocco is terrified of being abandoned once again.

Now that Preethi has taken video of him that went viral, there are no shortage of applications. She also started an Instagram account for the pup so that his fans could remain fully up to date on his story. The reticence that seems to exist when it comes to adopting dogs of a larger breed needs to be removed from the equation entirely. Rocco’s new home has not been found yet but he is sure to be loved….no matter where he goes!

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