Couple Buy New Home But After Moving In Find Note From Past Owner With Unusual Caveat

While most of us find ourselves excited when we purchase new homes, these residences come with certain quirks and foibles that we do not see coming. In some instances, this is as simple as a door or a window that needs fixing. In other cases, the problems are actually much more severe. This family recently experienced a situation that falls somewhere in between the two categories.

When Miranda and her loved ones were in the process of moving into their new home, they never could have expected what would take place. They were thrilled and excited to start the next chapter of their lives. Their excitement would soon fade when they walked into the home and found a note that had been left for them by the past owners of the residence.

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A feral cat had claimed the family’s backyard as his own and the past residents has simply decided to grin and bear it. They provided the cat with shelter during the winter and they also fed him regularly. The note asked if the new family would be willing to carry on this tradition on their behalf. After some deliberation, they decided to honor the request.

As you may have expected, it did not take long for the cat to make himself right at home. The new family elected to name him Raz. Would you believe that Raz was staring back at them as soon as they looked out of the back door? This family found their fate to be especially funny because they have already taken in five different rescue cats of their own.

Raz was happy to accept their food and kindness but he did not want to associate with the new family at first. This is in line with what was said by the past family who lived there. Fortunately, Raz eventually warmed up to these humans and started showing them love. After several weeks of daily feeding, Raz finally allowed the new family to come close to him.

Perhaps he could sense their kind nature because of all the other cats that they had helped. There is one small problem that still needs to be dealt with: Raz has an injured paw. In time, the family is hoping that they are able to take the cat to a vet’s office so that the paw can be examined. In the meantime, they are simply delighted by his presence and happy to soak up all the attention that he is willing to give.

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