Neglected Husky Huddled In Corner Refuses To Move Until Rescuers Arrive

This Husky was like so many other dogs in China, trapped in a horrible situation that they could not rescue themselves from. The dog was on a truck and headed to a slaughterhouse where she would be turned into meat. Fortunately, this particular batch of dogs was rescued before it was too late but that did not alter the level of desperation that they felt.

Harriet the Husky was left to fend for herself for a long time and the wear and tear of her lifestyle definitely showed. Harbin Slaughterhouse Survivors Animal Rescue’s dedicated team decided that they would help the most desperate animals from this group. Harriet definitely fell into that category. She needed urgent help if she was going to survive.

The animal’s fur was falling out in clumps. Harriet had also become extremely emaciated as a result of the treatment that she was receiving. The dog was not eating regularly and she had become very unhealthy as a result. She had become so small that the rescuers were actually convinced that she was a puppy instead. These rescuers had never seen anything like it.

Since they began to rescue dogs in China who were in need of their help, they have been able to assist over 600 of these forgotten animals. Once they had secured Harriet, they brought the animal to the vet. She was given a bath and a shave. From there, she started to resemble the dog that she once was. She just needed some food and some cuddles.

Despite all of the problems that she had endured, Harriet was still a friendly and docile dog. Even when all of her fur needed to be shaved off, she remained happy. She did not growl once and remained the epitome of good behavior. Seeing a dog who had been through this much and still remained friendly truly breaks our heart.

Just imagine how kind she could be if she was given a real chance. Once Harriet became healthy, she finally received the assistance that she needed. A woman by the name of Rosee saw her photo when the rescuers uploaded it and decided that she wanted to bring the dog home. She now gets to live the life of a “princess” and we are glad that this story came with a well deserved happy ending. If you would like to learn more about these rescuers, be sure to visit the Harbin website.

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