Cheetah Approaches Photographer But Has An Ulterior Motive

There are some of us who love animals so much that we would do anything to help them. For many, there is a limit, though. For example, if the animal is physically imposing? This may put a damper on our willingness to help out. There are those who are a little more brave, though. Some of us will help any animal….even if we are putting ourselves in jeopardy in the process.

This is especially true for this wildlife photographer. While there is a common misconception about these types of photographers and the level of care that they actually have for their subjects, this is one photographer who aims to put those stereotypes to rest. Dolph C. Volker loves animals more than the average person and he has the zoology degree to prove it.

Volker is not the type to be frightened easily. He believes that all lives have meaning and this is a philosophy that he always lives by. Once he started to volunteer at a South African sanctuary known as the Cheetah Experience, his relationship with these animals became even stronger. His obsession with cheetahs grew even more as soon as he arrived.

He has a full time job back in the United States. Volker saves up all of his disposable income and vacation time to come back to this location as often as he can. Eden the cheetah has become a close friend of his as a result of his trips. Of course, Dolph found himself a bit afraid at first. This is a natural reaction to being around such a powerful animal.

Eden took a liking to Dolph, though. The two became buddies in short order and this friendship even extended to some fun cuddling. The idea of cuddling with a cheetah might seem slightly insane to some but for Dolph? It was the least that he could possibly do. Eden will even lick Dolph and the cheetah clearly loves him to death.

We cannot believe that there are people who can be trusted by cheetahs to cuddle. The more time that Volker spent with her, the more they bonded. In time, she began to treat him like he was just another one of the gang. Isn’t this one of the most adorable things that you have ever seen? For the record, Dolph admits that her gnawing at his ear can be painful….but he is not about to let on!

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