This Common Backyard Plant Is Deadly To Pets And Children – Here’s What You Need To Know

If you own a pet you will do everything in your power to keep them safe.  Pets sometimes can get into things that can make them ill or even die.  Plants are one of the many things that are the cause of pet poisonings.

Pets can eat the plants or simply rub them and become sick.

Bobby Faithful, a dog owner, noticed his dogs acting weird around a plant. This caused him to become concerned. He took pictures and found out it was called jimsonweed, also called devil’s snare.

This plant is extremely dangerous for dogs.

It can cause severe reactions and even lead to death. He was shocked and wanted to make sure he warned other pet owners, as well.

He posted on Facebook:

“For months I’ve been wondering what was growing outside the garage. It can be deadly and make your trip as well, so don’t let your dogs get a hold of it!”

“Jimsonweed is a nightshade plant that can be found from New England to Florida and as far west as Texas. Dogs who have swallowed jimsonweed can exhibit dilated pupils, depression, dry mouth, and seizures. The plant can even be fatal, so it’s incredibly important to be aware.”

Remove all unknown plants.

Even if your dog doesn’t wander, it’s a good idea to remove all unknown plants.  If you think your dog may have consumed the plant, contact a vet as soon as possible.


– Dilated Pupils
– Light Sensitivity
– Restlessness
– Anxiousness
– Elevated Heart Rate
– Mouth Dryness
– Constipation
– Walking Drunk
– Respiratory Failure

Save yourself some unneeded stress by taking time to look around.

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