Man Hears Leashed Pets Are Allowed In Store So He Brings His Horse

Businesses that allow their customers to bring their pets inside are becoming more and more rare as time goes on. That is why it is important to provide our patronage to companies that are willing to do so. When this man found out that an Oklahoma tractor supply store was ready to allow pets with leashes inside of their establishment, he immediately sprung into action.

Another shopper by the name of Robin happened to be privy to his plans. He was at the store when a man came in dressed in cowboy attire. The man wanted to know if it would be alright to bring his senior horse inside so that they could take the time to shop for feed together. The horse was sitting outside, patiently waiting for the go ahead to come inside.

Since this Tractor Supply’s rules state that any pet with a leash can come inside, the horse was able to step indoors without a problem. The senior horse was wearing a bridle at the time and this counts under the current rules. As you may have expected, it was a hot day in Oklahoma and the horse was extremely happy to be stepping into the air conditioning.

Robin was sure to get plenty of pictures as the pair began to roam the aisles. How often are you going to have a chance to see a horse browsing through a store like this? The sheer absurdity of these images is sending us into hysterics. The image is as touching as it funny. From the looks of it, this horse is actually no stranger to the world of shopping.

This type of friendship is never going to take too long to go viral and these two are certainly no exception. If you are anything like us, it will be tough to resist the urge to share this clip as quickly as possible. The man was even gracious enough to let some of the children who were in the store at the time pet the horse.

Once the man got the right feed for his horse, the dynamic duo were off to hit the dusty trail. We are glad that they decided to grace everyone with their presence, though. With any luck, they will decide to return to the store again soon so that we can see more pictures! Be sure to pass this awesome story along.

Part 2 of only in Oklahoma lol the kids enjoyed petting on him!

Posted by Robin Morris on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

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