Moose drowns in Vermont lake after being spooked by onlookers snapping photos

This story takes place in Lake Champlain. This Vermont location is a popular destination for those who are looking to snap photos of wildlife. Some fortunate tourists were recently able to spot a moose going for a swim. This moment should have been a great deal of fun for all parties involved. Sadly, it would eventually turn tragic and these people only had themselves to blame.

When the moose had finally made its way to shore, the animal had a whole new set of problems to contend with. A crowd of people had gathered. They all wanted pictures of the moose and they would stop at nothing in order to get them. The moose was spooked by the crush of people and decided to get back into the water in order to wait them out.

First of all, how sad is this? A poor moose cannot even go for a swim without having a whole bunch of cameras shoved in their face. This is the society that we now live in. The moose was swimming and swimming, in desperate search of another way out. You would think that the people would have realized that they needed to amend their behavior.

Of course, they did not. All they did was continue snapping photos and they watched the poor animal struggle for breath. The moose got too tired to swim anymore. A warden who works with the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department spoke to the Associated Press and said that the moose was probably exhausted because he had swum all the way from New York.

The poor fellow simply wanted to get out of the water and catch his breath but no one would grant him this common courtesy. The high winds and powerful swells that were taking place on this fateful day certainly did not help matters. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is advising tourists to start keeping their distance from these animals so that future problems can be avoided.

This crowd should have certainly know better. The moose was clearly giving off signs that he wanted to be left alone. We are urging you to share this story in hopes of preventing these types of heartbreaking situations in the future. Otherwise, more animals could fall victim to our obsessive need to document every single moment instead of simply living our lives. Please pass this important story along!

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