Andrea Bocelli Sings Romantic Duet With His Beautiful Wife That Moves Audience To Tears

Andrea Bocelli is one of the most gifted performers of our time. We are all lucky to have existed on this planet at the same time as him. The award winning singer has been thrilling audiences with his voice for decades now and shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. While we have all appreciated his performances for some time now, there was one important person missing from it all….his wife.

Veronica Berti was finally able to take the stage alongside her husband and the results were nothing less than spectacular. She put on an intimate show with her husband and filled the hole in Andrea’s heart. Their relationship has followed a very interesting path since they first met. Veronica first came into Andrea’s life as his manager before the sparks started to fly.

Their relationship was professional at first but they would soon realize that there was something special between them. Once they were outside of the limelight’s glare, they began to develop a much deeper connection. The two got to know each other on a far more personal basis and the rest was history. Andrea had already been through a divorce, though.

This experience made him reticent to tie the knot. The two dated for over ten years before they were finally willing to walk down the aisle. Andrea also believes that marriage is a legal matter that needs to be taken care of in the appropriate manner. It is clear to see now that the two are a total match. They are even musical soulmates.

Once you see this performance for yourself, you will understand what we mean by this. Their singing voices complement each other perfectly and this is one of the most touching duets that we ever had the chance to see. The audience members had better appreciate this performance. They have no idea just how lucky they are to be there during this incredible moment.

This talented family deserves all of the recognition. We are beyond happy that we were able to see this performance. While watching the video at home probably doesn’t have the same impact as being there in person, at least we will be able to check out this clip anytime we want for years to come. Don’t take our word for it, though. Check out this awesome clip for yourself (and be sure to share!)

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