Father, Daughter And Pets Take The Same Photo For 10 Years And They Just Keep Getting Better

If there is one thing that most families have in common, it is traditions. They are often referred to as being family traditions and they differ from one household to another. The mother in this home started a tradition when their daughter, Tiffany was born. She decided to take a picture of her daughter snuggled up beside her father every year. They also included the family dog and cat in the picture as well.

This tradition started when Tiffany was a newborn and it continued every year for 10 years. The images touched those who were part of the Chinese social media outlets and when you see the pictures for yourself, it is easy to see why. It is amazing to watch Tiffany grow up into a cute little 10-year-old girl. Amazingly, very little around her has changed.

I’d like to introduce you to Tiffany and her father, Mr. Wong. They started a family tradition 10 years ago.








It is amazing to see how little has changed over the years. The picture was taken in the same spot, on the same sofa and with the animals in the same position. This is something that can start family traditions all around the world and it certainly is a fantastic idea for a family to keep such a memory record. The amazing thing is, they were able to keep that position and to take these pictures so that they have a record of what occurred.

What is perhaps even more interesting is the fact that they were able to share these wonderful pictures with the world. Social media has really given us the opportunity to share a part of our heart with others. We often think about those who are in our country or those who are friends with us on social media. The fact of the matter is, however, people from around the world are sharing these experiences and it is nothing short of wonderful.

When the Chinese social media outlets were blessed with these pictures, it created quite a worldwide stir. First of all, those in China were touched by the pictures and how their fellow countrymen were able to show something so wonderful from their personal lives. Since that time, it has spread around the world to social media outlets everywhere. When you have something wonderful to share with others, it is certainly difficult to keep it contained.

Not only is this something wonderful for this family, it can be a wonderful tradition in any family. If you didn’t start when your children were infants, now is the best time to start. Within just a few years, you will have a legacy to pass on to your children when they are older.

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