Andy Grammer Tries To Sing To A Girl In The Hospital, But His Jaw Drops When She Sings Instead

Andy Grammer is known to most of the world for his contributions to music. He is a songwriter and producer who has gone platinum several times over. When he paid a visit to the Children’s Health facility in Dallas, he was only expecting to spread some good cheer and put some smiles on everyone’s faces. Little did he know that a fellow superstar was in his midst.

His upbeat music is responsible for putting smiles on faces on an everyday basis and it is only right for him to spread the good vibes even further. He was trying to bring some of his positive energy to these children when he met the most amazing little girl. Most of the children were psyched to see him and he was going from room to room to perform.

When he stopped by Kylah’s room, she flipped the entire concept on its ear. She did not want to hear Andy sing. She was wondering if she could sing to him instead. Of course, Andy obliged and it led to an incredible moment. The song that she chose to sing? None other than “I Believe” by Demi Lovato. While DJ Khaled is also involved, we are sure that Demi’s part is nearer and dearer to her heart.

Andy says that her performance touched his soul. This is not a case of a famous musician pretending to be impressed just to make some child’s day. He was truly moved by her raw talent and rightfully so. You simply never know where the next superstar is going to be hiding. She gives us goosebumps. Some might even say she is the next Aretha.

In the meantime, she is content to be the first Kylah. She can already hit the high notes and needed no professional training to do so. Once she gets a bit more polished, the sky is certainly the limit. She is currently in the hospital fighting for her life and takes a great deal of solace in music. This is something that Andy can relate to.

If you would like to check out her awesome performance for yourself, be sure to click the video below. We implore you to keep the tissues at the ready. Andy’s face says it all, doesn’t it? Andy wants to bring her on stage the next time he is in Dallas and we hope that we get the chance to see such a performance.

Meet Kylah. I had the pleasure of stopping by the Children's Health in Dallas this week and got to go door to door to sing to some of the kids and try to brighten their day. When I walked in to meet Kylah and asked if I could sing for her she replied, “can I sing for you?”. She then proceeding to touch my soul with her voice. She pulled out her iPad and sang her guts out to a song called “I Believe” by Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled – This little girl has been in a hospital for 6 months and she has hope. She told me when she gets sad she puts this on and sings and it reminds her to be brave. Kylah is an incredible reminder that in any situation, no matter how dire hope can be found. Her voice and spirit have stayed with me this week. I am love. When I come back to Dallas I want her to come sing on stage with me. I hope this makes your week like it made mine. Also – Emily is her doll. I had to hug and hang with Emily first and then she sang. ????

Posted by Andy Grammer on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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