Joe Biden Adopted A Shelter Dog That Was Exposed To Toxic Chemicals And It’s Precious

Major may be living on easy street now but this rescue dog has had a rough start. He was residing in the wrong home before and was subject to a great deal of abuse. The home was a toxic environment and he exposed to chemicals that dogs should never have to endure. His life was even threatened. That is all about to change, thanks to the good people at The Delaware Humane Association.

Major’s litter was rescued from the home by their team. After asking Facebook for help when it came to providing the dogs with new, forever homes, they were stunned by the outpouring of support that they received. The Bidens were Major’s foster parents and they fell head over heels in love with him immediately. It did not take long before they decided to make the situation permanent.

Today is Major’s lucky day! Not only did Major find his forever home, but he got adopted by Vice President Joe Biden &…

Posted by Delaware Humane Association on Saturday, November 17, 2018

Champ, the Biden family’s other German shepherd, will now be Major’s brother and pal. This is one lucky pup who definitely hit the jackpot. Joe is happy to welcome Major to the family and we wonder if other dogs in his litter know that they were in the presence of a future celebrity. His life is about to change for the better, that is for sure.

These types of stories cannot take place without the help of humane associations, though. There are thousands of animals who still need homes as well. Let’s all do our part to raise awareness about the plight of these animals by taking the time to pass these stories along to the people who need to see them most. The holidays can be a tough time for shelter animals.

They can also be hard on those who do not have animals to share them with. In a world that is full of animals in need of homes, there is no reason why you should not be willing to pass this important story along. While Major may have been fortunate enough to be adopted into one of the best possible families, there are many shelter animals still searching for homes.

Please be sure to bear this fact in mind going forward. If each of us takes the time to spread the word about these animals, we can all take a greater level of responsibility for the world that we live in today. Let’s come together and make these types of stories a thing of the past going forward.

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