Minutes Before Being Euthanized, Shelter Director Sees Puppy’s Paws And Yells Out

Starfish is a dog who has had a very tough road. When she was first located by the Good Samaritan that initially saved her life, it was believed that someone had tried to crush her inside of a box. What kind of a person would do a thing like that? The dog was rushed to a local vet to see if there was any hope for her. The vet eventually determined that there was little to be done.

Unfortunately, Starfish would have to be put to sleep. If not for the head of the shelter deciding to step in at the last moment, she would have been euthanized for sure. A technician was about to do the deed when the director said that they would need a second opinion before putting her to sleep. A different vet had to be consulted first so that no mistakes were made.

As fate would have it, the instincts of the shelter director were correct. The dog would be able to receive a second chance at life. The dog’s bizarre walking techniques were chalked up to something called “Swimming Puppy Syndrome”. Dogs who have this condition struggle to hold themselves upright and their legs will usually fan out instead.

This is how she got the name Starfish. In order to fix her legs, she would require a specialized harness. The harness would pull her legs upward until she was finally ready to stand on her own. As a result of the condition, she was not able to be lifted in the same manner as a more normal dog. Starfish’s new mother Leigh Anne was happy to help.

The two developed a close bond and Starfish loves her new mother. After wearing the harness for two months, she was finally able to stand up on her own. Starfish can now run and play like any other dog. Her level of determination is definitely an inspiration to us all. She was not willing to give up, no matter what obstacles were placed in front of her.

She’s a happy animal now and has a sizable amount of excitement for life. Leigh Anne feels incredibly blessed that Starfish has come her way. Please be sure to pass this story along to your friends and loved ones as soon as possible. Starfish’s story is one that needs to be shared with a much wider audience.

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