Family Loses Beloved Husky In A Wildfire, But Then They See Strange-Looking Dog On News

Max is a dog who is luckier than most. He was adopted by his forever family when he was just a puppy. From there, he developed a bond with the family’s two little girls that would not be broken. The three became great friends and they are absolutely inseparable. Unfortunately, the Camp Fire that swept through their region did the family no favors.

The flames would eventually sweep through their home and force the family to lose track of their beloved pet. Max was believed to be gone forever. As you would imagine, the family was very sad about what had taken place. Michel evacuated his children in the nick of time and when they went back for Max, the dog simply could not be found…no matter how hard they tried!

They were forced to leave the area and hoped that Max would be all right in the meantime. Fire ash was falling from the sky at the time. If Michel had not fled in this moment, his little girls would have also been in danger. The family received confirmation that their home was destroyed within a few days. No one knew if Max was dead or alive.

Max’s hopes were not high but this family refused to give up on him. Facebook posts were made about their dog and they sat back to wait. One day, they found a video on their news feed about a dog that had been found in the fires. While the dog was essentially yellow at the time and bore little resemblance to the husky they knew and loved, they decided to go and check it out.

As it turns out, their Max was hiding in plain sight all along. His fur coloration had changed a bit because he had been exposed to the elements but he was otherwise fine. He lost a great deal of hair. Max was also in pain. None of this compared to the joy he felt when he finally got the chance to reunite with his loved ones.

The reunion was emotional and bittersweet. It was strange to see him looking so much different now. He is on the mend at a local animal hospital now and while he has definitely seen better days, there is no challenge that is too great for him to overcome. If you would like to help Max during the recovery, head to his Go Fund Me page and offer some assistance to his family.

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