Animal Services Discover 300 Cats Living In A Two-Bedroom Apartment

Stories like these make some of the extreme hoarding stories that we have seen on television look tame by comparison. Residents of an apartment complex in Toronto, Canada was recently left wondering how so many animals could have been gathered in one place. When they noticed the condition of an apartment in their building, they contacted Toronto Animal Services.

Their staffers immediately looked into the situation and what they found was appalling. In fact, the situation was simply too much for them to handle on their own. They contacted Toronto Cat Rescue to see if they would be willing to help out. While they agreed almost immediately, they never could have expected what they would end up finding upon arrival.

The two bedroom apartment was filled to the brim with cats. By the time the rescuers were done counting them up, they estimated that at least 300 cats were residing in this home. We cannot even begin to fathom how this would be possible. The rescuers could scarcely believe their own eyes. How someone could allow this situation to reach such an awful stage is beyond our level of comprehension.

“It was a very difficult place to spend any time,” says Toronto Cat Rescue’s executive director. Belinda Vandersluis has seen a number of difficult situations in her time but this had to be the literal worst setup that she had ever come across. As you may have imagined, the smell in this home was absolutely unbearable. There was no space for the animals to spread out.

They were jam packed into every corner and suffering mightily as a result. All of these cats needed to be saved from the apartment before it was too late. There was certainly not enough room for all of these animals to thrive. Toronto Cat Rescue removed nearly 200 cats from the residence in one fell swoop, providing them with forever homes that they could call their own.

It is our proud duty to report that all of these cats have been rescued from this overcrowded residence. Shockingly, the vast majority of the animals are in perfect health. Those who wish to assist these cats or help other felines that are in need are urged to offer a generous donation to Toronto Cat Rescue. The hoarding of animals is something that needs to be stopped immediately. Kudos to the residents of this apartment building for being willing to speak up.

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