Guy Out For A Run Suddenly Realizes He’s Being Followed By Deer

Jared is a man who loves to get outside and go for a run. Recently, he was out for some much needed training before a big race. His run was a normal one initially. Typically, he likes to run alone. However, he came across a running partner on this fateful day who was a bit different from the norm.

He had chosen a path that cuts through a local park when the event occurred. While he was making his way through this part of the trail, he noticed that there were a few deer grazing in the area. He never could have expected what would end up happening next. One of the deer decided that they were going to emulate the man. They wanted to get a nice run in, too.

Jared kept going at first and did not notice what was taking place. After awhile, he started to realize that he had a stalker. At this time, he decided that he was going to have to take out his phone. Smart man. Otherwise, no one would have ever believed his story. We were skeptical ourselves until we finally had the chance to watch this hilarious video.

This is one of the more unusual scenes that we have ever had the privilege of checking out. The deer did not tire quickly, either. They followed this man for at least a half mile before finally calling it quits. The funniest part of all: the deer’s insistence on keeping the same pace as Jared. When he would slow down a bit, the deer would slow down with him.

If Jared wanted to pick up the pace, the deer would follow him. Once Jared decided that he wanted to keep going straight, the deer finally elected to head back to their friends. Maybe he should be a personal trainer for animals! According to Jared, the help was much needed. He says that this was one of his personal best times and it was because of the push that his new pal had to offer him.

Hopefully, he was able to use this session as motivation for his follow up runs. The next time he is racing, he is going to thank his new friends for the added motivation that they gave him. Who needs music as a motivator when you can rely on the assistance than only wild animals are able to provide? Please be sure to pass this unique story along to your closest friends and loved ones!

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