Anxious Abandoned Dog Approaches Woman And Leads Her To A Moving Pillowcase

Stories like these really put things into perspective, don’t they? This tale takes place in the town of Watertown. This upstate New York town was where it all began. A woman was driving down the road one day and minding her own business. She spotted a lost dog that she knew needed help and was quick to step in. The Rottweiler mix was clearly nervous at the time.

The dog would not get into her car. She attempted to coax the dog into her car but the animal would not stop whining. The nervous animal continued to pace and ignored all of her attempts to help. The dog eventually realized that the woman was trying her best to assist. From there, the animal led her to a pillowcase. What she found inside was absolutely horrifying.

The pillowcase was filled with puppies. It had been tied up and tossed aside. There were twelve tiny puppies inside and from the looks of it, they were newborns. How cruel do you have to be to toss out a pillowcase full of newborn puppies? The umbilical cords were still attached at the time. No wonder this mother was pacing around and looking upset.

The puppies and their mother were taken to the Jefferson County SPCA immediately. When one of the vet techs who happened to be on hand at the time saw the dogs, she burst into tears. The mother was renamed Raven. Unfortunately, one of the babies did not survive the ordeal. The other eleven puppies were able to live on and their mother is doing fine as well.

Why someone would choose to throw puppies away instead of providing them with a home is beyond us. You have to be one sick and lazy individual. The puppies will remain with Raven until they are finally ready to head to foster homes. They are living with a woman named Brittany. She was as appalled by what has taken place here as we are.

Raven is still struggling with anxiety and understandably so. She is now starting to relax as she gets settled in. The Jefferson County Police Department is in the process of trying to track down the person or persons responsible for this heinous crime. We sure do hope that they find them. People who behave in this manner deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law!

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