Pit Bull Was Going To Be Put Down But An Officer Notices Something Special About Him

Jasper the pit bull had a rough go of things at the start of his life. While he is now a patrol dog in Indiana, he was once left to die. His path to becoming a K-9 police dog who assists with drug related arrests was not an easy one. When he was first found, he had been brought to a shelter in Virginia with a very high kill rate. The chances of him avoiding being euthanized were slim to none.

Pit bulls are usually among the first dogs to be euthanized. Shelters have more of them than they know what to do with. These dogs also tend to be passed over by those who are in search of a pet to take home. They have a reputation for being difficult to control. While this is not always true, perception definitely tends to become reality in these sorts of situations.

The Throw Away Dog Project was able to step in before the unthinkable happened. This group is responsible for heading to animal shelters to look for dogs who would work well as police officers. Jasper was a prime candidate. Once the group finds dogs like these, they make sure that they are donated to the small town police departments who would not be able to afford such expenses on their own.

Jasper soon became a drug sniffing dog. By all accounts, he is also a very fast learner. Deputy Chief Crabtree is the only officer in the small town of Kennard who draws a salary. He needs help and Jasper is the perfect dog to provide. Now, they spend their days making sure that the small town Indiana streets that they patrol remain safe.

The town has been experiencing a severe drug problem. That makes Jasper’s presence all the more important. Crabtree and Jasper have formed a great partnership. The two get along famously and it is easy to see that they enjoy each other’s company quite a bit. They clicked right away. Their partnership is simply one of the most adorable things that we have ever seen.

Without the assistance of the good people at the Throw Away Dog Project, this partnership never would have taken place. Thanks to them, this dog got a second chance and this town will now be much safer. A true win/win for all parties involved, right? Please share away, people.

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