Ariel Winter Is Getting Shamed Online Because Of What Her Gym Shirt Says

You don’t have to be online very long to learn that people absolutely love to have an opinion on almost anything they see. That is especially true when it comes to Instagram pictures of celebrities. As soon as they post a photo online, the trolls are going to start showing up and it doesn’t take long before people are getting pretty ugly about the situation.

In other words, the trash talk that you read all of the time on Instagram in the comments is just indicative of other problems that we are experiencing in the world today.

Ariel Winter, a Modern Family actress, posted a picture of herself working out at the gym. It didn’t take long before people started commenting on the words found on her NSFW shirt.

the muthafuckin’ motto at the gym

A post shared by ARIEL WINTER (@arielwinter) on

Some people thought that it was funny but others were deeply disturbed by what they read.

Well, that’s original!

You could use some punctuation lessons.

These trolls are out for an obvious celebrity roast but they were doing it in very poor taste. Some people loved the T-shirt and were ready to get one for themselves.

Live and let live is a motto that these people could learn from. It really isn’t anybody’s business what she decided to wear to the gym. I guess they just don’t have anything better to do.

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