Officials Issue Urgent Warning To Dog Owners After Horrifying Discovery Made Near Dog Park

Those who have dogs of their own and live close to dog parks will typically bring their pets to these establishments in order to let the animal stretch their legs. Dog parks are supposed to be equally beneficial to the human and their pet. The animal is able to release their pent up energy. The human is able to get some much needed fresh air. Sounds like a win/win, right?

Typically, animals are able to spend time at these parks with no fear of danger. One park in the UK recently placed many animals at risk and we are here to provide this chilling story to pet owners everywhere. We need to remain vigilant when the health of our four legged friends is at risk. When one concerned citizen saw what was taking place, the authorities were contacted immediately.

Can you believe that this dog park was found to contain large amounts of poison? Worst of all, the poison was spread in a manner that would make it very difficult for the dogs to avoid eating it. There were numerous bread piles scattered on the ground and they had all been laced with copious amounts of rat poison. We cannot fathom the type of evil person who would do a thing like this.

This dog park in located in Sussex. However, this does not mean that other parks have not been contaminated. Preston Park may have a number of Brighton residents worried and that is why we are here to spread the word before anything like this happens anywhere else. Unfortunately, there are always copycat crimes to be concerned with in these instances.

If you suspect that your animal has ingested poison of any kind, be sure to contact your local vet immediately. Keep the animal quarantined until the issue has been addressed. An infected animal could pose a serious risk to the health and safety of other animals in the area. Don’t make the mistake of attempting to treat a sickly pet on your own.

These horrible individuals deserve to be punished for this awful crime. In a truly just world, they would be made to eat the bread that they had poisoned. We hope that they are caught and brought to justice as soon as possible. No animal deserves this sort of fate. In the meantime? Let’s all try our best to keep an eye on our pets and save them from a less than desirable outcome.

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