NFL Player Asks Shelter For Least Adoptable Dog – Here’s Who They Gave Him

Ronnie Staley is best known for playing offensive tackle for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. While some NFL players would head to the animal shelter and expect the star treatment, this is not the way Ronnie does things. He headed to the BARCS animal shelter with his teammate Alexander Lewis and his girlfriend with one objective in mind.

He wanted to bring home a dog that no one else wanted. He let the staff know that he was looking to provide a home for the dog that was most unwanted. If there was a dog in this shelter that no one else would take home, Ronnie was willing to step up and take charge. The BARCS staff was delighted by the request and they have a number of dogs that cannot find proper homes.

There were a wide range of dogs for Ronnie to select from. Various senior dogs were in need of homes and there were also dogs with physical disabilities. The staff showed Ronnie and his girlfriend a few different dogs. In the end, they decided that six year old Winter would be the lucky pup to go home with them. Winter has been through a very difficult life and was very appreciative of her adoption.

The poor dog was originally found on a vacant property. She was also very dehydrated and terrified of people. Her belly was distended because of over breeding and because of her advanced age, this is not an issue that is ever going to be fixed. Older female dogs with these types of traits are usually overlooked during adoption processes.

Ronnie decided that her belly was not an issue for him. In his mind, this is simply what happens when you decide to have babies. He was more worried about providing her with a proper home than he was about her personal appearance. If only more pet owners out there thought like Ronnie did! He renamed the dog Lola and she is head over heels in love with her new home.

Rico the potbellied puppy is another addition to the Stanley household and Ronnie has also donated thousands to the shelter. While most of us would typically choose the cutest little puppy to take home, there are still a wide range of older animals who have plenty to offer. Please share this story to raise awareness about the importance of animal adoption.

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