Artist Creates Magical Flower Crowns For Animals And No Two Crowns Are Alike

When most of us look at the animals in our lives, we know that they are majestic. It seems as if college professor Yarely also feels the same way but she has taken things to the next level. She began making flower crowns for animals, starting with Freya, her Australian shepherd. It was a fun experiment for her Instagram page and people loved it.

It was then that she decided to create Freya’s Floral Company and they offer flower crowns, not only for dogs but for people too. She says: “I received such positive feedback that I decided to begin making crowns for other dogs to spread the love.”

She uses her artistic talents to create beautiful compositions and will even create something according to your special needs. No two crowns are alike, even if they are made with the same flowers.

It seems as if even dog owners are getting in the spirit of things and have been requesting flower crowns since she started offering them. One of the most well-known models, however, is Leonidas, a Maine Coon cat that has almost 150k instagram followers.

He wore a number of these crowns and people have been liking those pictures left and right.

“I knew nothing about making crowns so I just winged it. After posting a photo of Freya in her crown I received a lot of positive feedback,” Yarely said. As for what inspires her to make the individual pieces, the artist revealed it’s landscapes she sees. “I am a Chicana and Spanish speaker. When I visit Mexico I draw inspiration from the colors and the vibrant energy,” she explained.

Humans tend to love wearing these crowns but animals are not always the most cooperative. Yarely said: “I always recommend bribery! […] I trained Freya to wear crowns on her head.”

“Freya is the heart of my business. We joke that she is my quality assurance coworker” Yarely revealed what role her dog plays in the creative process. “I test experimental pieces on her to make sure they are sturdy enough to sell. […] She is a great model (when she wants to be). Although I get photos of her, she definitely gives me some sass,” she added.

She also talks about Leo as being ain inspiration and he helps to promote the crowns. “Leo’s momager has been a huge source of support helping me promote my business and giving me advice. I am proud to announce that Leo has the biggest Freya’s Floral Co. collection and he is a source of inspiration” she explained. The artist also added that she often thinks how certain pieces would look on Leo while making them.

“I’ve often seen photos of dogs in flower crowns, so I thought cats could rock them too!” Leonidas’ “momager” Jane explained how she first decided to put the crowns on her kitty. “Luckily Leo is a very laid back kitty, and lets me put the crowns on his head” she added.

Jane also said that people love seeingLeo in the crowns. People just can’t seem to get enough and the pictures are so beautiful, they really speak for themselves. “These photos often do the best among all of them” she revealed.

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