Best Friends Get The Same Haircut To Fool Teacher And They Are Absolutely Adorable

We tend to have a certain type of blindness when we are younger but it disappears as we age. Some people talk about it as being colorblindness but it isn’t the same color blindness that occurs due to a genetic defect. It occurs because we don’t see color when we look at other people. When we are young, we aren’t influenced by the older generation so we don’t notice the differences between us.

This story about a young boy and his good friend is sure to touch your hearts. Their names are Jax and Reddy and it started when Jax was talking to his mother about getting a haircut. He said that he wanted to get his hair cut short so he could look like his best friend at school. He thought that when they went to school they would confuse the teacher because his friend had a similar haircut.

By the way, this is a picture of the two boys before the haircut:

This is what they look like after the haircut.

The Internet played along with being confused because they looked so similar to each other. They were able to pick out a few differences.

His mother describes the friendship.

I’m sure that all of us could learn a lesson from these two little boys. We tend to judge each other by what we see on the outside but when we take a look at what is on the inside, we recognize we aren’t all that different after all.

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