Piers Morgan Experiences The ‘Pain Of Childbirth’ Live On Good Morning Britain

There are certain moments that any TV personality will look back on and feel as if it was a defining moment in their career. Piers Morgan probably had just such a moment live on Good Morning Britain. He was hooked up to a simulator and experienced the ‘pain of childbirth’ in front of the entire world.

Many men tend to downplay the effect of childbirth on the female body. Perhaps Piers was the best person to go through this publicly.

The 54-year-old TV host experienced the joys of being hooked up to a TENS machine that produces the feelings of going through labor. The machine puts out electric pulses throughout the body to create that experience.

Although millions of people go through the pain to experience the miracle of life, things didn’t go all that well for Piers.

Some people argued that he has a flair for dramatic. After all, he did ‘vomit’ a vegan sausage roll.

When he was a few seconds into the simulation and experienced where most women are still home relaxing, he was noticeably in pain. He kept telling himself: “Do not give in.”

Piers referred to the operator of the machine as the ‘torturer’ and he lived up to the name as he continued to turn up the heat. Within a minute or so, he was ripping the pads off and throwing in the towel.

If only it were that simple for the ladies.

His cohost, Susanna Reed seemed to get pleasure out of watching her partner go through the pain.

Piers admitted: “That cannot be what childbirth is like, really. I can’t believe that.”

In all fairness, he apologized for making fun of childbirth in the first place. He then added: “On balance, for the women of Great Britain, I probably owe you a slight apology.

“I’m very glad that we don’t have to go through this. I’ve got to say, that was agony. If that is what you honestly go through then my respect for women in terms of childbirth has gone through the roof.

“That was painful. I’m never again going to joke about childbirth.”

At least it’s a good start. To be sure, many of the viewers of the show enjoyed watching him go through it and they had comments to match.

Many people also thought that it was a nice change of pace to see him shouting at what was going on rather than shouting at the TV viewers. This could just be the start of something good.

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