Biker Gang Destroys Dog Fighting Rings And Saves Animals From Cruel Owners

A biker gang might not seem like the most obvious candidate to step forward and put an end to animal abuse. Biker gangs are associated with a number of unsavory stereotypes. Most view them as needlessly violent drug dealers who are a nuisance at best. However, those who are willing to avoid the tendency to judge books by their cover know that this is not true.

Biker gangs often pride themselves on bettering their communities. They assist veterans in need, help children who are being bullied at school and pitch in anywhere they can. As for the biker gang in this story, they are responsible for assisting animals that are being neglected or abused. Rescue Ink plays a very important role in the lives of the animals that they meet.

This non profit works tirelessly to save animals that are being abused. While these bikers may not all be full time riders, they take their responsibility very seriously. Lawyers and police officers are among the ranks. Any of the stereotypes that you may have heard about regarding biker gangs will have to be thrown out the window entirely. These guys are teddy bears underneath the tattoos.

It does not matter which animals are being abused. The bikers are willing to step up to the plate. They have helped chickens, pigs, fish and even snakes! Their compassion knows no bounds. Once they see an animal that is being abused, they are taken into their custody…no questions asked. There are some who question their methods, though.

Should these bikers be allowed to achieve their goals through the use of vigilante justice? Luckily, these bikers have lawyers who are able to monitor their justice. All of their rescuers are sure to exist within the boundaries of the law. This is something that they take very seriously. Their work is very important and we are happy to see them in action.

Rescue Ink has broken up dog fighting rings, saved stray animals from being killed and will even make their way into sewage to assist ducks in need. These men may look rather intimidating to those who do not know better. That is part of their charm. It is also what allows them to remove animals from difficult predicaments with less effort than most. Are you going to tell these guys no? We didn’t think so. Be sure to take a moment to check out their awesome rescue video below.

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