Meet Yoda: The Adorable, Little Kitty Born With 4 Ears

Yoda is one of the more adorable cats that we have seen in some time. He does come with a rather unique backstory, though. Can you believe that this cat has four ears? While some might be making jokes about how this cat cannot pretend that he doesn’t hear anything like the typical feline, the other two ears are not actually functional. He is able to ignore humans just fine, thank you!

This cat might be well known to some already. He first came to our attention when he was found as a stray almost a decade ago. When Yoda was first found, he was living on the streets of Chicago. The owners of this cat found his extra ears to be rather fascinating. That’s why they elected to take him to a local bar. Valerie and Ted saw the cat and immediately took pity on him.

“When he was passed around he reached for Ted, crawled up into the crook of his neck and fell asleep – Ted was a goner,”

Valerie Rock

The couple had recently laid their own cat to rest. They wanted a new pet who could fill the void. All it took was one time holding Yoda to seal the deal. He immediately crawled onto Ted’s neck and nestled himself in for a nice nap. How could anyone possibly say no to an animal this cute? This couple was certainly not able to do so, that is for sure!

Valerie and Ted wanted to make sure that nothing happened to poor Yoda. When they first adopted him, Halloween was right around the corner. They wanted to make sure that no one was taking him for the wrong reasons. After all, you simply never know what kind of people are out there. Kudos to them for being willing to help out Yoda when no one else would.

“But he does have an interesting obsession with bread – I can’t leave bread on the counter for a moment.” Valerie Rock

Even Ted had to admit that it would be pretty easy for a different owner to fashion the poor cat’s ears into devil horns. Luckily for Yoda, this is not a fate that he was forced to suffer through.

Once the necessary testing was done, the couple decided to install a microchip. Yoda was also going to remain indoors exclusively, as a means of preventing a cat-napping!

He’s a good sport who loves the camera. He is definitely happy at his new home and he’s been described as a very affectionate animal. The family has decided to let Yoda enjoy a private life and the updates have ceased.

We just hope that he is still walking among us and that he is happy. Please share Yoda’s awesome story with all of the animal lovers that you know.

Source: Daily MailSnouts in Your Town via YouTubePenny Derer via YouTube

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