Instead of spending July 4th watching fireworks, these volunteers comfort scared shelter dogs

Dogs do not always do well in situations where there are fireworks. Dog owners everywhere are already nodding their heads in agreement. Our poor pooches do not know what to do with themselves when these loud noises start to take place. The 4th of July can be particularly stressful. We are stuffing our faces with BBQ and enjoying life. Meanwhile, they are scared to death.

The fireworks may be a lot of fun for us but our dogs do not always agree. Just think about how hard these types of holidays must be for shelter animals.

Image Source: Amy Engel via Facebook

They do not have any owners who are willing to comfort them. Instead, they are trapped in a room by themselves and forced to fend for themselves. That’s what makes this story such an incredibly special one.

Image Source: Amy Engel via Facebook

We are always happy to see shelter dogs receiving the help that they deserve. Maricopa County Animal Care and Control have decided to step up to the plate and assist their animals. The stress that these animals experience during fireworks can now be alleviated almost entirely. The Calming Companions program is here to help all of these poor dogs through the hard times.

Community members were more than happy to take some time out of their day to come sit with the animals. Can you believe that at least 200 people showed up, with the intention of helping the animals? It truly warms the heart. The dogs were told stories and some of the volunteers were even willing to sing songs to them. This kept their minds off the loud sounds outside.

The event was very successful. In fact, the shelter says that they are going to hold the same event again this year. Please share this story to raise awareness.

Even animals who already have homes are in danger on days like these. There is a significant uptick when it comes to the number of animals that are lost on the fourth of July.

Animals can be scared off by any number of loud noises. That’s why pet owners must remain vigilant. Don’t leave dogs outside. Be sure to create the safest haven possible, so that they are not left to fend for themselves. If there is a way to block out the noise, take a moment to do so. Give the dog plenty of attention, so that the animal knows they are safe. Pass this story along to the dog owners in your life as soon as possible. You just may save a life!

Source: One Green Planet

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