Boy Doesn’t Hesitate When He Sees A Cat Thrown Into Oncoming Traffic From Moving Car

For many of us, driving along the freeway is simply a part of our morning commute. It is something that we do every day and we do not always stop to think about it. When we are driving, we do not always take the time to look around and make sure that no one is throwing anything out of a moving car. If you do see someone throw something out, are you going to double check?

Most people would probably keep driving without so much as a second thought. Erin’s son Gavin is definitely not most people. His sharp eyes are responsible for saving a life. They were traveling down Michigan’s I-196 highway when they saw the most saddening thing. Gavin watched another motorist toss a cat out of their window and his mother’s gasp said it all.

They were both well aware of what had happened. The cat somehow survived the toss and was wandering around the highway, looking frightened. Gavin was not about to wait around for the inevitable. He got out of the car and held out his hands to the upcoming traffic. By the time he found the cat, 75 percent of its body was hanging over the highway’s overpass.

Gavin saved the cat from this precarious position and he was renamed Lucky. Why someone would toss a cat off a bridge instead of just giving him to someone else is beyond us. This is sadistic and disgusting behavior. Lucky was taken to the local animal hospital to be checked out soon after. Minus a few minor injuries, the cat was largely okay.

We cannot believe that this cat was able to survive such an ordeal and he has Gavin to thank for that. The family also received another piece of good news when they were told that the hospital responsible for Lucky’s care would be waiving their bill. As you can see, it always pays to do the right thing. The family has now adopted Lucky into their own home.

They knew that they could not allow Gavin and Lucky to be broken up after they had already established such a strong bond. Gavin’s efforts have even been recognized by PETA. He received their Hero to Animals Award and his quick thinking is responsible for saving this animal’s life. Hopefully, this story will inspire other young people to do the right thing in their own communities.

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