Mom Charged Her Family 40 Dollars Per Plate To Eat Christmas Dinner At Her House

Now that I’m in my twenties, I can finally be a real help to my mom in the kitchen when holidays roll around. While we all love getting together and gathering around a big table for Christmas dinner, do you ever think of how much money goes into it on the host’s end? I certainly didn’t until I was old enough to understand and appreciate how much time, effort, and money my parents put into holiday meals when it’s our turn to host everyone.

And sure, Christmas is all about the spirit of giving, but sometimes getting a little help from family and friends in light of such a huge expense can be great.

One solution is to ask everyone to pitch in and bring a dish, but one woman named Gemma Andrews says she tried that and her family members would conveniently “forget.” She never would have thought of it on her own, but her in-laws suggested she start charging people per plate to mitigate the cost. People online are furious about the decision, but it seems to work for her family!

Gemma even delivers food to the family members who are working on Christmas, keeping her home open from morning ’til night, and always making sure everyone gets a present. At $40 per plate, that sounds like a deal to me! It sounds to me like this is totally fair compensation for all of the thought and care (and money) that Gemma puts into the big day! Still feel put off by her decision? Listen to her explain it in her own words in the video below. Would you ever charge your family for Christmas dinner or is that idea totally off the table?

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