Boy Unwraps The Only Present He Wanted for Christmas And His Reaction Says It All

One of our favorite rites of passage as a child was writing a Christmas list for Santa Claus. Who didn’t enjoy listing off all of their favorite toys, in hopes that jolly old Saint Nick would be willing to bring them on Christmas Eve? The popular toys may change on a yearly basis but this tradition is certainly not going anywhere anytime soon.

Children also look forward to having the chance to sit on Santa’s lap. This is their chance to let him know what they want for Christmas directly. No sense in taking any kind of chances, right? Sometimes, children surprise us by asking for the type of items that cannot be found in the average store. This is because some families do not have the luxury of an ordinary Christmas.

Xander only wanted one gift for Christmas. What he wanted was something much bigger than what his mother could potentially buy and wrap up, though. When his aunt Jadin posted a clip of him receiving ‘said’ gift, the Internet went absolutely wild. Near as we can tell, they are not the only ones who were in the room at the time when he opened the present.

The box that he is opening is so large, it can barely fit beneath the tree. The best part? Xander is not in any rush at all, he is just casually opening the gift like he would any other that he received. Once he finally removes enough wrapping paper to be able to take a peek inside, he is absolutely stunned by what he sees looking back at him.

We are going to warn you all right now: be sure to have all of the tissues on hand for this one. We are not about to spoil the gift for you and you are simply going to have to watch for yourself to find out more about what took place on this fateful day. If you are anything like us, you will need to clear your schedule so that you can enjoy multiple viewings.

Don’t be shy about passing this clip along as soon as possible. Your friends and loved ones are sure to enjoy this video. Xander deserves to have a merry Christmas and we are glad to see that he has gotten everything that he could have ever possibly wanted and then some. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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