Alaskan Malamutes Sing In Perfect Harmony On The Way To The Groomers

Dogs are some of the most wonderful animals on the planet. We do not deserve them, even for a second. Their kindness and loyalty truly allow them to stand apart. In addition to their gentle nature, they are also known to have a little bit of fun, too. While there are some dogs who love to nap, there are other dogs who truly enjoy getting the chance to run.

The Alaskan Malamutes in this story have something else in mind entirely. Their favorite pastime is a hilarious one. These dogs love nothing more than to sing songs in the car with their dad. Zoe, Leila, and Travis may not be a band yet but they are certainly well on their way. We cannot get enough of their awesome tunes and hope you enjoy this clip as much as we did.

Dogs who can sing? Now we have seen it all. Luckily, their human is more than happy to promote their vocal styles to the rest of the world. They are not about to let these dogs’ awesome vocals go by the wayside. The dogs may not have the harmonies down pat yet but not for lack of trying. The adorable pooches are some of the cutest singers that we have ever seen.

The canine choir is ready for their close up and we are here to show our appreciation. The dogs try their absolute best to sing in unison but it is beyond their ability at this time. Their owner was nice enough to capture it all on tape for us, though. The pups definitely have some natural skills that they can easily build on, if they practice enough!

In the meantime, be sure to share this awesome performance with all of your friends and loved ones. They are going to appreciate the effort that these Alaskan Malamutes have put in. The passion that these animals howl with is enough to make us want to sing ourselves. Maybe we will get our dogs some singing lessons and start our own family band?

As for these dogs, we are looking forward to new performances. Maybe they will drop a mixtape or release a single with Snoop Dogg? We kid, we kid. Don’t be afraid to sound off and let us know what you think of this performance. We would love to hear what you have to say.

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