Truck Driver Sees Dogs Thrown From Car On The Highway, Pulls Over To Save Them

When this truck driver was making his way down the New York highway, he never could have expected what he would end up seeing. He saw a driver roll down their window and whip two innocent dogs into traffic. The Beagle mixes that were removed from the vehicle had no opportunity to prepare themselves or defend against these atrocious actions.

The incident took place just north of Binghamton, New York. The driver knew that the dogs had essentially been left for dead and Interstate 81 is no place for abandoned animals. If he did not take the time to intervene, who knows what might have happened as a result? State troopers were summoned to the scene as quickly as possible, as well.

They provided the wounded dogs with the help that they were going to need. One of the dogs suffered a leg injury when they were thrown from the car. The dogs were kept warm with a blanket while the trucker waited for additional help. In fact, the dogs were even given the chance to enjoy some delicious biscuits while they waited for further assistance.

The troopers decided to name the injured dog Trooper. It just fits, doesn’t it? Adam is the name of the driver and the other people was named after him. The dogs are expected to make a full recovery, though. Their level of resiliency deserves to be commended. We are happy that they have been given the second chance that they need.

Right now, the dogs are currently on the mend and spending the days at the Broome County Humane Society. The New York State Police are looking for any clues that may lead to the responsible parties so please be sure to provide any information that could be potentially helpful. The truck that threw the dogs out was headed north of Cortland at the time.

The New York State Police in Homer is waiting for your call. In the meantime, please share this awesome story with your friends and loved ones. It is not every day that we get to read about animals who have been rescued in the nick of time. This is a story that needs to be shared and passed around as much as possible. Let’s all do our part so that this horrible scofflaw can be apprehended quickly and no more innocent dogs are injured along the way.

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