McDonald’s Employee With Down Syndrome Retires After 32 Years

In a world that is chock full of all types of bad news, we are often starved for a happier story. How appropriate for McDonald’s to serve us a tale that is sure to make everyone’s day as soon as they read it. Down Syndrome is a common ailment that keeps many babies from being able to live life to the fullest. The man in this story was not about to suffer the same fate.

Russell O’Grady is a special man who would not be shackled by the chains that have restricted so many others. He was not about to let the haters get to him or care about whether he was being judged. Russell has become an inspiration to many and he did not have to save anyone’s life in the process. He just simply put on his uniform and went to work each day.

He began his McDonald’s career back in 1986. While many businesses in Sydney do not employ workers who have disabilities, Russell decided to be the change that he wished to see in the world. He was trying to remove the stigma that surrounds those with special needs. The idea that they do not have anything to contribute is a wrongful one.

Russell got his start back when he was 18 and he was able to hold his post for 32 years! Now that he is turning 50, he is looking to take the next step in his life. He’s spread his good cheer for over three decades now. It is time for the next employee to step up and fill the void. Kudos to this McDonald’s for hiring him without previous work experience.

The staff has already expressed their sadness about his departure. He was one of the best workers that this location had to offer and a customer favorite. Every customer who took the time to speak with him was enriched by the experience. Russell is a friendly and compassionate person. His kind nature shines through to everyone who spends time with him.

Hopefully, this inspires more establishments to hire employees like Russell. Even Russell’s little brother is expressing his admiration for what his sibling was able to accomplish. The JobSupport platform was responsible for assisting him during his job search and they place employees in different jobs throughout the Melbourne and Sydney regions. Check out the clip below to learn more about Russell and JobSupport.

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