Naughty Parrot Uses Alexa To Order From Amazon While Owner Is Away

Amazon’s Alexa is one of the best recent inventions that we can think of. Not only is it easy to use but it can also provide us with a great deal of assistance….nobody told this parrot that, though. This parrot has developed a unique partnership with Amazon’s Alexa that needs to be examined further. As it turns out, Amazon’s Alexa might be a little TOO easy to use!

Rocco is the parrot in question and this African Grey is quite the gifted mimic. Like most parrots, it does not take him too long to absorb human commands and use them in his own daily living. This parrot was even booted out of a sanctuary for being too foul-mouthed. His last owner had taught him a few too many swears and now he is living elsewhere.

Marion adopted the parrot, cusses and all. However, she was stunned to find out what the parrot had been up to during the day while she was gone. It all started when mysterious Amazon packages started showing up at Marion’s door. Since no one else was home and there was zero evidence that anyone else had used her account, she knew that it had to be Rocco’s fault.

The orders varied in nature. This parrot was not about to limit himself. He purchased some awesome snacks and even managed to order a kettle? We are not sure how or why he was able to pull that one off. Marion is adapting in the best way she knows how: by crossing off the items that he brings in as soon as they arrive. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons.

Rocco’s snack orders are sending us into hysterics. We cannot stop giggling at his antics and we expect our readers to feel the same way. Rocco has figured out how to control numerous other aspects of the home as well. He is able to create his mobile ringtones and will even make phone calls on his own. Rocco also knows how to mimic the sound of a vehicle going in reverse.

During the summertime, he will even emulate the sound that an ice cream truck makes. Rocco even likes to put on some tunes when his mother is gone. She says that his taste in music tends to veer more towards the romantic. His sweet personality always seems to shine through, no matter what.

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