Woman Pays $2 At A Thrift Store For Heart-Shaped Ornament – Discovers Something Hidden Inside

There is something unbelievably enjoyable about shopping at a thrift store. In most cases, you get what you pay for but every once in a while, you may spend a little and find out you got something that was worth a lot more. Perhaps you may uncover somebody’s precious memories but one thing you wouldn’t expect is to find an urn that contains the ashes of somebody’s dead loved one.

A woman from Plymouth, Massachusetts, Priscilla Bailey was shopping at her local thrift store when she found a beautiful, blue ornament that was shaped like a heart. She paid $2.99 for it and thought that it would look great in her kitchen window.

“Right up here on the top, right across the top, it looks like angels or Vikings. They look like little angels, and there’s all this work down here. it’s really beautiful,” she said.

She hung it up in the window when she got home and it captured the sunlight beautifully as it came in during the day.

Curiosity began to take over and after a few weeks, she decided to take a closer look at the inside of the ornament. She saw 2 spots on the inside that were both about golf ball sized. She then realized that she may very well have been looking at the ashes of a dearly departed human being.

She feels as if it was something sacred so she didn’t want to open the heart to make certain. Her daughters contacted a local news station in hopes that they would be able to reunite it with a family member.

“I think they’d want it back for sure. I would. I would want it back,” Priscilla said

The news station visited the thrift store in hopes that they could get more information. The corporate office got involved but nothing has come out of it so far.

Priscilla is safeguarding the memorial for now.

“I think it’s pretty. It’s beautiful. It still hangs in my kitchen, even though I think it’s an urn. I just don’t know what to do with it other than hang it up and wait,” she said.

We hope that the mystery is solved soon.

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