Boy Vanishes Without A Trace, Four Years Later Cops Find Him Alive With Another Missing Boy

Shawn Hornbeck disappeared on October 6, 2002. He was 11 years old and was riding his bike to a friend’s house in Missouri.

The same route was taken that he always took but on that day, he didn’t arrive at his destination. It seemed as if he had just vanished without a trace.

Pam and Craig, Shawn’s parents did everything that they possibly could to find their missing son. They spent their time and energy searching for him and exhausted all of their resources, including their retirement and savings. Everything was put into the investigative team and search efforts but after 4 years had passed, there was still no sign of Shawn.

Another local boy disappeared on January 8, 2007. His name was Ben Ownby, a 13-year-old child but a neighbor spotted Ben crying inside of a stranger’s truck as it drove off from the bus stop.

Rather than just doing nothing, he called the police.

Using the description of the truck, authorities tracked it to a nervous man who told the police that he had to get home to his godson.

Please had been searching for Ben but when they found him, they made another discovery that sent chills down their spines.

You can see what happened in this video and the story is beyond belief:

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