‘Better Call Saul’ Actor Admits To Cutting Off His Own Arm, Lies About Being A Veteran

Everyone starts off with certain goals and dreams. As time goes on, we learn which of these dreams are attainable and which ones are not. That is we decide to set goals that are a tad more realistic. But what about the people who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that their dreams come true? There are some who will do anything and everything.

Being willing to stop at nothing can be a good thing and it can also be a bad thing. This story certainly falls into the latter category. Todd LaTourette is best known to most for his role on the critically acclaimed AMC series Better Call Saul. He recently decided that he was ready to go above and beyond to make his dreams come true. The results are shocking, to say the least.

Todd suffers from bipolar disorder as well. In order to make himself look like a more convincing war veteran, he removed one of his own limbs himself. This was done in hopes of creating an increased number of acting opportunities. He finally confessed to inflicting the injury and says that he was in the midst of a psychotic episode when the incident took place.

He may not be the biggest star in Hollywood but he has enjoyed a vibrant career, appearing in numerous films and television series. Todd believes that the missing limb helped immensely. In essence, he was hired because he was willing to live a lie. Now that he is on his medication, he has come to realize that all of the lying was taking a serious toll.

Living a double life can never be easy, especially not one of this magnitude. He knows that he is running the risk of tanking his career but the truth is far more important to him. Todd is not only hoping to alleviate his own personal burden by telling this story, he also hopes to help others out there who are struggling with mental illness.

The power to change lies within us all. Todd says that taking his medication each day has given him a whole new lease on life. He is taking the power back from his illness and not allowing his bipolar disorder to control him. It is currently unknown as to whether these admissions will have any ill effect on his career. Only time will tell if his standing in Hollywood is affected in an adverse manner.

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