Owner Shares Video Of His Dog Setting A Fire As A Warning To Others

The footage that you are about to see is rather alarming. While it may have gone viral, it was shared by this dog’s owner with a very serious purpose in mind. This owner is looking to warn other dog owners so that they do not experience a much different fate. This dog nearly managed to burn their owner’s home to the ground and this could easily happen in any other home where pets are present.

Matthew came back to a home full of smoldering soda cans and a kitchen that looked like a disaster area. Dahlia the dog was to blame for all of the mess. When Matthew went to check his security camera footage to see what had taken place, he was stunned by what he saw. Nothing can prepare you for what you are about to see and we are giving you fair warning beforehand.

This is definitely going to be frightening footage for anyone who regularly leaves their dog home alone. Hendrix, his other German shepherd, is also involved. According to Matthew, the two dogs are typically kept away from the kitchen with a gate that is meant to block their ability to enter. Of course, the two dogs decided that they were going to misbehave that day.

The bad dogs made their way into the kitchen and Dahlia accidentally started the fire by jumping up and down. She wanted the soda that her dad had left behind. What she did not know was that she had lit the stove by turning a knob by mistake. What started off as some normal doggy mischief could have turned out to be something so much worse.

That is why this owner is sharing the clip with the world. By passing this video along, you are doing your part to save a life. Luckily, these dogs were able to get back onto the other side of their fence before they were affected by the flames. The fire burned out by itself but poor Matthew was left with quite the mess to clean up once he got home.

He’s never seen a dog pull off a stunt like this and neither have we. Let’s all do our part to help other dog owners avoid these types of occurrences by sharing this story as soon as possible. Teach your pets not to climb on stoves and take every necessary precaution to keep them away.

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