Brad Paisley And His Wife Are Opening A Grocery Store Where Everything Is Free

Brad Paisley has elected to do the ultimate good deed in Nashville and you will not believe your eyes when you find out what it is. He and his wife Kimberly are going to open a pantry style grocery store where everything is free. It will be called “The Store” and no customers are going to go hungry. Cash and credit won’t be accepted because there is no need.

People are able to come in and take what they need, while leaving food behind for others. The Store is meant to serve as a way to help those who are looking to become self sufficient. Customers will have the chance to receive food free of cost for a period of one year. Brad and his wife are hoping to bring dignity to those who have fallen on hard times.

They are a long way from needing this type of help for themselves but that does not mean that they do not understand the hardships that other people are facing. A wide range of organizations have agreed to help out and will be donating the food that this store needs to survive. The country superstar got the idea after seeing a similar initiative in California.

It warms our hearts to see celebrities taking the time to assist the less fortunate. No one should ever have to go hungry. America likes to refer to itself as the land of opportunity but how can we rest on our laurels when so many people are in need of help? People deserve to have a proper safety net so that they are not left in dire straits.

Kimberly has spoken out about the need to help those who simply need a small boost. There are too many Americans who like to sit on their high horse and criticize those who need help. It is high time that we stopped partaking in this sort of behavior. After all, we never know when it might be us that ends up falling on hard times, right?

If you are impressed by these efforts as we are, please take time out to share this clip. Readers who want to learn more about The Store and how it will help the community are urged to take a closer look. In the meantime, pass this along to anyone who could benefit from the information. It is time that we all do our part.

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