Here’s Why The Forest Looked Like It Was ‘Breathing’ In That Viral Video

Every group of friends has that one guy who has to explain everything to us. This is especially true when viral videos start to circulate. The “well actually” guy is always going to chime in and offer their input. In this instance, we are actually quite interested to find out what the real reasoning is. This video shows a Quebec forest that appears to be breathing and we cannot get enough.

While this forest may look like it is alive, those who are wondering if this is some sort of Halloween trick are in luck. There is a very reasonable explanation for what is taking place that has nothing to do with ghosts or goblins. The forest is not feeding on human flesh and no witchcraft has taken place… the very best of our knowledge, at least.

The forest is moving because of a phenomenon that is best explained by meteorologists. There are no giants to speak of and no sorcery to shed light on. Those who enjoy believing that the forest is actually alive may want to close this tab now so that their fantasies are not ruined by the following explanation that we are about to provide.

The natural elements have come together to create this scene. The strong winds caused the floor of the forest to rise up and the trees are also swaying in time with the gusts. This scene might be unsettling to watch but all of the top scientific minds agree that there is nothing to worry about here. Forests do not breathe and this one can be blamed on the weather.

Others may be disappointed by this revelation. We were somewhat frightened when we first saw the clip but now we are quite relieved. Although, it might be fun to live in a world where a truly haunted forest exists. This video is definitely going to inspire someone to shoot a horror movie about this concept as well. We will be there opening weekend, for sure.

In the meantime, you can wow your friends and loved ones by providing them with the explanation. They are sure to be impressed by this clip, even if they do not want the secret ruined for them. We are just glad that we were able to learn the truth before this forest ended up haunting our every waking moment. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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