Bradley Cooper Makes Surprise Appearance At Lady Gaga’s Vegas Show To Perform ‘Shallow’

Lady Gaga was in the middle of a concert in Las Vegas when she decided to surprise everyone. She had Bradley Cooper come on stage and the anticipation grew for the inevitable; a duet from A Star is Born.

It wasn’t long before the crowd was on their feet as the pair performed ‘Shallow’. The surprise appearance came just in time for the closing number of the ‘Enigma’ show in Vegas.

Many people in the audience were quick to capture the appearance and it was shared online. The footage included Cooper sharing an embrace before Gaga began playing the piano. Cooper took his place next to her.

Gaga told Cooper that he would be able to hear himself on stage, saying, “I even got you in ears.”

Cooper quipped that he could not hear a thing because he had never used in-ears before.

The appearance started out as Cooper shouted ‘Hello Vegas!’ to the crowd. It seemed as if he was, for a moment, an excited tourist that was living out a lifetime fantasy.

The audience couldn’t say enough about the surprise performance. They took to Twitter to express their overwhelming emotions.

One person tweeted: “Tonight I saw Bradley Cooper sing Shallow with Lady Gaga so honestly….I win. I apologize for anyone who wasn’t there.”

“Petition for Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper to actually go on tour together,” another responded.

Another post simply read: “Music To my eyes by Bradley Cooper x Lady Gaga.”

Some spoke about their on-stage chemistry, as you can see in this tweet: “Find someone who looks at you the way Bradley Cooper looks at Lady Gaga.”

Cooper directed the film and, thanks to his expertise, Gaga was nominated for her first Oscar. She is now the first artist nominated for Best Original Song and Best Actress in the same year.

A Star Is Born was originally a film, made in 1937 that was adapted as a musical in 1954. The musical starred Judy Garland and James Mason. It was also a 1976 rock musical with Kris Kristofferson and Barbara Streisand. This rendition was the third remake.

Cooper summed it up in the following way: “It was one of the great experiences artistically I’ve ever had, and oddly natural. I had the privilege of working with so many great artists in this film.”

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