Dog Hugs Dad Who Could Finally Come Back To The Shelter And Save Him

Lewis Jimenez and his dog Titus have been through a lot together. He adopted the pup from the Austin Animal Center and was forced to give him back a few months after. He did not want to get rid of the dog. His landlord told him that he had to give Titus back if he wanted to avoid a eviction. No one else would look after the dog on his behalf.

As a result, he had to bring Titus to the shelter. It was a very sad departure. Lewis and Titus did not want to be apart. He promised the staff at the shelter that he would come back for the dog. The shelter workers were initially skeptical. They hear promises like these all of the time and no one ever seems to live up to them. A wait and see approach was taken.

Lewis was not like all of the others, though. He returned to the shelter right away. The dog and his former owner’s reunion was one of the most adorable things that we have ever seen. These pictures are making our hearts smile. It is clear to see just how much this dog means to him. Here’s hoping Lewis and Titus will never, ever have to be apart again.

Titus meant so much to Lewis, the family even paid him regular visits while they waited for the reunion. They were not about to let the old landlord dictate their lives. The family got a new residence and once their new home was in place, they came right back for him. They moved mountains to make sure that they would stay together.

We are happy to see their reunion. In a world where pet owners seem to be willing to let minor circumstances keep them from maintaining their relationships with their animals, it is great to see someone who is ready to go above and beyond. Lewis took the time to find a home that was pet-friendly and now his family is going to stay together.

Please share this story to raise awareness about the selfless actions that have taken place here. Maybe more people will be inspired to follow in Lewis’ footsteps. We are tired of hearing about dogs being abandoned just because of issues with an owner’s living situation. Kudos to Lewis for not taking “no” for an answer and finding a way!

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