Breeder Wouldn’t Let Anyone See Her ‘Back Room’ Until Cops Finally Got A Warrant To Investigate

Janet Oxlade seemed to have the perfect home and the perfect life. However, there was a far more depressing reality that was lurking just beneath the surface that needed to be addressed. When Janet would have visitors at her house, they noticed that she would keep them away from certain parts of the residence. She would only allow them into specific rooms.

Because she worked in the world of breeding, this behavior came across as being very suspicious to those who came to her home. Why would a dog breeder be so hellbent on keeping people away from certain areas of their home if they did not have anything to hide? The home (or at least the parts that she would let people see) was kept spotless.

This was her way of hiding the truly damaging behavior that she was participating in. Making it this hard to figure out what she was doing was how she kept people at bay. Since no one could get their hands on any evidence, she was able to keep on doing whatever she liked. Complaints were eventually lodged against her and Animal Control arrived on the scene.

There was never enough evidence to support further action before but when there is smoke, there is fire. At long last, they had enough probable cause to obtain a search warrant. From there, it did not take long. What the authorities found will break your heart and it is absolutely sickening. There were at least 60 dogs and cats living at the home.

Of course, no one was actually providing them with the proper care. The despicable conditions that they were forced to live in are absolutely deplorable and we cannot believe that this woman got away with it for so long. What is done in the darkness is always going to be brought into the light, though. The animals have since been rescued from their cages and crates.

The woman pleaded guilty to the charges that were filed against her and the animals were removed from the situation so that they could receive help with their medical issues. We cannot believe that a breeder would behave in such an awful and depraved manner. She will spend twenty weeks in prison for her behavior and we wish that she could have gotten an ever longer sentence. Hopefully, she is never allowed anywhere near a dog or a cat ever again.

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